Taking care of the environment

Here at Standard Brands we are sensitive to our environmental impact and we continuously take initiatives both large and small to improve.

Since the company formed in 1936 there has always been an inherent responsibility for the surrounding area where our factory is located and where many of our employees live. In 2008 we successfully launched our Sustainability Initiative and have made significant changes to the way that we operate as a business and as a production facility.

The waste generated from the products we manufacture is fully recycled back into production and our control procedures ensure that our liquid discharges are compliant with licence agreements and relevant legislation. Our firelighter packaging is 100% recyclable and we have a natural range of products made from wood and wax with FSC accreditation.

Recently we have developed a unique firelighter using a formulation comprising of naturally derived, fully sustainable Biofuels that are kind to both the environment and wildlife.

Working practices such as Skype calls, car sharing and double sided printing/photocopying and recycling are now second nature to us. We actively seek out and source materials from suppliers who have a similar environmental outlook and standards to us. Collectively, we believe that we can all make a difference and will continue to invest in our environmental initiatives.

Standard Brands continue to be accredited to ISO 14001 – The international standard for Environmental Management Systems

Environment  ISO 14001